Since its establishment in 1993 Gart Properties has enjoyed strong and steady growth.  The majority of the company’s expansion has been fueled by a thoughtful and ambitious acquisition program. Today the portfolio consists of office buildings, resort properties, residential developments and more than 5 million square feet of retail shopping center space.  Hand in hand with our valued partners, each principal of Gart Properties has a meaningful personal investment in every acquisition of the company.   Each potential acquisition is evaluated against our core competencies to insure that we possess the skills and resources necessary to enhance the value of each asset in a way that all parties benefit and can be proud of the result. All acquisitions are vetted by members of our leasing, property management and construction team to be certain that the offers we extend can be relied upon by sellers.

The company has both the resources and appetite for continued growth and is seeking new investment opportunities. For more information, please contact Mark Sidell, president of Gart Properties.